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The Fire Theory

About the Collective





The Fire Theory (El Salvador, 2010) is an art production company made up of Melissa Guevara, Ernesto Bautista, Mauricio Kabistan, Crack Rodríguez and Mauricio Esquivel. They rely on collaborative work between different interdisciplinary entities for the production of art, theory, and space management. The collective seeks to promote knowledge and discussion about contemporary art and various social aspects that produce it. TFT has curated and collaborated on exhibitions in El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Colombia, Switzerland, the United States, and Norway. Within his career, the Teor / ethics Catalyst Scholarship (2019) stands out, “Convocatoria Soledades” (2014) from the Cultural Center of Spain in El Salvador and their participation in the X Central American Biennial (2016) held in San José, Costa Rica . TFT was part of a collaborative exhibition project focused on social cohesion between European and Latin American cities with the Belgian and Spanish institutions BOZART and INTERARTS (2016-17); She was also co-curator of “Re: Construction Project”, a traveling exhibition that began in the United States in 2017 and ended in El Salvador in 2018.



During his residency at Casa Tres Patios, The Fire Theory collective will hold a meeting for the socialization and analysis of conceptual art tools that can be used to redefine communication strategies, visibility and rapprochement of different social movements and their struggles. Through the creation of a manual and video tutorials, the group will provide conceptual tools and visibility strategies that can be used by social movements in different latitudes.

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