School for Common Living


School for Common Living


The School for Common Living is an artistic, pedagogical and political program based on the pedagogy of liberation (critical pedagogy) that seeks (i) to share knowledge about the determining circumstances of social injustice in Colombia and the the world and generate actions that make them visible, (ii) empower and mobilize individuals and communities historically marginalized, oppressed or persecuted in Colombia and the world around them for issues of race, gender, sexual identity, class or other criteria, (iii) generate social awareness on the social, political, economic and cultural mechanisms of oppression, and (iv) facilitate the production of knowledge, the acquisition of practical and organizational capacities that allow responding to the needs of marginalized, oppressed and persecuted communities.




Knowledge as power


Short-term projects to generate theoretical and historical knowledge about situations that favor social injustice, recognize alternatives to those situations and / or define key concepts. These events promote critical reflection and the search for economic, social, political, environmental and cultural alternatives focused on motivating social justice at the neighborhood, local, international and / or national level.




Discussions: spaces for dialogue and exchange of knowledge to reflect on key concepts related to social justice. In addition, to recognize and learn from people, groups and institutions that work around political, economic, cultural, environmental and social transformation.


Seminars: Seminars are medium-length spaces to provoke discussion and exchange between artists, activists, academics, public and private institutions, and civil society. The seminar is developed around topics related to current research topics at OCCULUS, the community, cultural, urban and social observatory of the Casa Tres Patios Foundation.


Printed, digital and audio-visual publications: Part of the work that is done with the community is to make visible the problems found in the environments where we are working.


Working the Commons (WC) It consists of projects of short, medium and long duration to provide theoretical and practical tools that strengthen the capacities of artists, groups and organizations that carry out processes related to the search for social justice at the neighborhood, local, international level and / or national.



Institutional Supporters

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