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Luis Fernando Penuela

  • Date of residence: August - September 2019

About the Artist





Luis Peñuela (Bogotá, Colombia) has a professional degree in gastronomy and culinary arts from Le Cordon Bleu University in Lima, Peru. Socially committed to articulating culinary practices with other languages ​​and disciplines such as anthropology, pedagogy, climate change, agroecology and nutrition. The gourmet focuses on experimentation with food and its reinterpretation within pedagogical and artistic spaces. He currently works in the creative direction of Kalpata in Medellín, the art and culture coordination of the NGO ClimaLab in Bogotá and in the La Paz project, the Cultural Network of the Bank of the Republic of Colombia is taken as a cultural mediator. The interests of his practice are focused on identifying culinary practices and food as language, body and territory in order to propose new ways of approaching events of peace, memory and reconciliation.



During his residency Luis Fernando Peñuela will investigate how we can enrich the traditional culinary knowledge that has not been communicated or transmitted as a result of the armed conflict? Peñuela will work hand in hand with organizations in the city of Medellín that propose different ways of interpreting food, either from pedagogy, artistic practices, social entrepreneurship or audiovisual and sound documentation, with the aim of exploring corporality and power. communication of food and begin to co-create a pedagogical tool that motivates more people and organizations to opt for gastronomy as a mediation and social transformation strategy, replicable in different regions of the country.

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