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Manuela Meneses, Alejandro Ramírez and Giancarlo Delgado


  • Residence period: August - September 2019




The group is made up of the plastic artist Manuela Meneses Múnera, the political scientist Giancarlo Delgado Huerta and the plastic arts student Alejandro Ramírez Restrepo from the National University of Colombia, Medellín headquarters.

In 2018 they began to work together on a project, directed by the School of Arts and the Habitat School of the National University of Colombia, around artistic practices applied to work with communities. During that year they inquired about the daily practices of people who inhabit the territories commonly known as 'invasions'.

In the Cu BO.X



The Manantiales neighborhood, located in the Granizal village of the Bello municipality, is the second largest informal territory in the country. 90.8% of its inhabitants are victims of the forced displacement of people, most of whom lived in the countryside and had eating, social and mobility routines different from those they have in the city.

The proposal of the residents of CuBO.X, based on the characteristics of the Manantiales neighborhood, is to build bridges of analysis and approach to the relationship between food and forced displacement, and habitability in informal settlements. Some of the questions that the group will explore during their stay at Casa Tres Patios are: What does displacement have to do with cooking? What and how do you cook in the invasion? And how can we understand the settlement process of informal settlements from a daily practice such as food preparation?

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