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Sadya mizan

  • Date of residence: June 2019

About the Artist





Sadya Mizan (Bangladesh) is an independent curator, director and founder of URONTO Artists Community, an organic platform for creative professionals and researchers from all disciplines who seek to collaborate and enhance their work to inspire the local and global community, while maintaining their artistic responsibilities towards the society.

She is also the founder of Art Initiatives Bangladesh (AIB), an experimental platform for alternative art and aesthetic practice. She was awarded as one of the most important art managers in South Asia by the Art Think South Asian Fellowship 2018 and a research fellow by the Foundation for Art Initiatives.

Sadya Mizan will be at Casa Tres Patios from June 18 to 28 to develop an investigation on community-based artistic organizations in Colombia. During your stay you will be talking with collectives, institutions and initiatives led by artists from Medellín that have a socially inclusive, multidisciplinary, interactive, contemporary or traditional approach.

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