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Roger peet

  • Date of residence: March - May 2019

About the Artist

Roger Peet is a muralist, printmaker and illustrator from Portland, Oregon (United States). He coordinated “The Endangered Species Mural Project” and directed the cooperative engraving studio Flight 64.

Peet is a member and founder of the Justseeds Artists' Cooperative, a decentralized network of artists committed to social, environmental and political issues. His artistic practice addresses issues such as animal extinction, biocultural diversity, and environmental disaster, with an emphasis on the conflict between culture and nature. He has also been interested in social issues such as migration and racism.

Roger comes to C3P with the interest of working graphic art at the service of socio-political causes and socio-environmental conflicts, as well as working with ex-combatants to develop their graphic communication skills.


Roger came to C3P with the interest of connecting with socio-political and environmental causes and putting his knowledge at the service of these. As part of his residency, Roger had the opportunity to travel to the Carrizal village area, Remedios (Antioquia) to develop a serigraphy workshop for ex-combatants who reside in that transitional space, with the aim of providing political communication tools. and graphic. With the Estampacción collective, from the GRApha research hotbed, a discussion was held about their work with screen printing and engraving, and a collaborative relationship was established that materialized with the support of Álvaro Botero, member of the collective, in the screen printing workshop in Reedbed. Roger closed his residency with a discussion in which he shared his approach to political and social graphics, in which issues such as the gentrification of community art and the co-option of artistic practice by capital were addressed.

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