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  • Date: July 2015

  • Country: Brazil

  • Residency theme: "On listening and (self) education"



Artist, educator and researcher. member of Grupo Contrafilé , Frente 3 de Fevereiro and Grupo PI-Política de lo Imposible.

Geographer from the University of Sao Paulo. He is currently a student of the Master's Degree in the Study of Subjectivities at PUC-SP, guided by Professor Dr. Suely Rolnik. Since 2000 he has been developing research and collective actions in the city, focusing on the production of interventions in life-public space. As of this year, she also works as an educator in collaboration with different cultural spaces, such as the Museum of Modern Art in Sao Paulo, the Sao Paulo Biennial Foundation, among others.

From 2002 to 2010 she is an educator of "Learning to teach" at the Museum of Modern Art of Sao Paulo , an artistic training course for deaf young people that later in 2008 gave rise to "Corposinalizer" , an art research and production group. , open to deaf and listening young people interested in the Brazilian Sign Language.

Residence process and project
"On listening and (self) education"

In his residence Cibele created a space-environment with annotations, images, references and objects that could relate some work experiences of the Contrafilé Group. This kind of open diary intersects fragments of some routes developed by this group: the project-work "Children's rebellion", emphasizing specific aspects, such as "The Park to Play and Think" , "El Patio" and " Arbol -School " , to which Contrafilé is currently dedicated.

The name of this exhibition is "On listening and (self) education", part of Cibele's interest in exploring the "self-educational" dimension of the projects it has carried out with Contrafilé. In this research process, he tries to understand the elements and situations that make up this dimension, such as the quality of listening necessary in parenting.

"On listening and (self) education" is open to the public at this time, and invites people to complement through informal conversations with Cibele, the importance of listening in educational processes.


Cibele Toledo

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