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Christian Fernández Mirón

  • Date of residence: August - September 2019

About the Artist

Christian Fernández Mirón works, learns and has fun with projects that cover art, education, music and design. He was born in Spain and raised between Indonesia and Argentina before returning to Madrid. Since he was little, he asks a lot of questions and likes to explore. He is interested in leading as well as being led, sharing doubts and learning, the search for collective intimacies and questioning the conventional ways of learning and legitimation. Some of his initiatives, always in collaboration with different people, include The Cloud Society –creative online gym–; Reformance –recycled performance platform–; Bears, illustrated –erotic calendar of hairy pin-ups– and endless collaborations and experiments, both in the independent and self-managed environment and in related institutional settings.


During his residency, he will initiate a process with the Venezuelan community that inhabits the Casa Tres Patios neighborhood (people who have migrated voluntarily or who have been displaced, with similar situations but without knowing each other). The desire to interact with the closest context and take advantage of the abilities of each resident to initiate long-term processes serve to rehearse a postal correspondence project, through which C3P will temporarily become a parallel institution, through an exercise of imagination. : the Ministry of Correspondence. The resident, the C3P team and other collaborators will distribute and collect letters every week in different locations, with the intention of starting to generate links. The project aims to explore concepts such as proximity, migration, loneliness, mistrust, community and exchange through an exercise of creative correspondence between unfamiliar neighbors. In parallel, Fernández Mirón will meet with pedagogy and mediation professionals from the city and will be part of a seminar on art, activism and education open to the city. You are interested in meeting related spaces, people and institutions during your stay. He is also very fond of arepas de chocolo.

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