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Juan Camilo Londoño



  • Date of residence: June - July 2015

  • Experimentation topic:   The discrimination.

  • Keywords: performance, body, action.


In the CuBO.X

Performance artist, Master in Plastic Arts from the University of Antioquia (2011) and Master in Research in Art and Creation from the Complutense University of Madrid (2013). He currently works as a teacher at the Fundación Universitaria Bellas Artes (Medellín).

"Based on a previous research on discrimination in Spain, I am now interested in the question of these processes in the context of the city of Medellín. Prejudices are group mental schemes, created throughout history (many of them colonial) , from which we not only simplify the other but also place it on a predefined scale of value (a power advantage is related to superiority, in the same way that its disadvantage is understood as human inferiority).

If prejudices originate at a macropolitical level and function from the naturalized association of bodily signs with a group conception and a hierarchy of value, is it possible to subvert them from the body, that is, from the micropolitical? ? Can the body be a tool to disrupt known frames of meaning and generate new forms of relationship with the other? Is performance a useful language to question old structures? These are some of the questions that I will try to address during my residency. "

Body rehearsal outside CuBO.X: an outdoor class on discrimination and prejudice.


  • “Spatial forms are nothing more than the result of certain social relations; so it is not the physical neighborhood that makes us close, nor the physical distance that makes us strangers. " George Simmel - Thursday June 10

  • "Cacorro, Indio, Corps" - Thursday June 25th.

  • Open class: "The despicable otherness" - Thursday, July 9.


Transcription of the testimony of Juan Camilo Londoño, recorded in the audiovisual memory of his experience:

“(...) When they invite me to CuBO.X there is a first challenge: how to approach a closed space, working for a month? And how to play with that inside and outside? (...) One of the ideas I had was, how could I mix my teaching activity with performance.

The first thing I did at the residence was ask the people who passed in front of the CuBO about discrimination issues. It was from that information that I started to do some actions. I have tried to do those body tests, but what the CuBO.X has allowed me is to develop processes that I had not done before, for example drawing or even installation tests.

One of the actions I did was to teach an outdoor class, in which the glass of the CuBO.X window was the dashboard. I just put three chairs outside and taught the class. Whoever passed by, half listened to a bit. The class was about prejudice and discrimination. There, I tried to mix these two practices (teaching and artist) as the same thing, or where they can be found. I am just opening that possibility that I can develop further.

I did a frottage of the fence of a neighbor of the neighborhood. I arrived with a pencil and paper, took the basic shape and replicated it. What I'm doing now is taking out that acetate grille. So I lowered the acetate that was once a concept map, and in that same acetate I'm cutting the fence. and I'm going to put it on the window. The fence is weak, and I associate it, I don't know if people too, with those limits that are and are not there ... those ways of relating to us socially ”.

Thursday of talks

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