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Regional readings



From November 2017 to March 2918, we participated in the conceptualization of the 10 years of the Buen Comienzo Festival (2018) , developed annually by the Mayor of Medellín, based on our methodological proposal: the Common Creation Laboratories.  




Develop knowledge, reflections and actions in families with children in early childhood about their territory, through project-based learning to know the way in which families in our city perceive and experience it.


Specific objectives of the implementation of the Common Creation Laboratories for Good Start:


  • At the cognitive level: acquire knowledge, understanding and critical thinking about the city, the neighborhood and the public space, and the links and alternatives that exist in these.

  • At the socio-emotional level: having a sense of belonging to humanity, sharing values ​​and responsibilities, empathy, solidarity and respect for differences and diversity.

  • At the level of actions: act with agency and responsibility at the local, national and global levels for a more peaceful, equitable and sustainable world.




550 families participated in 2 days of activities.

The systematization of the information contributed to the conceptual construction of the 2018 Buen Comienzo Festival.




Casa Tres Patios was invited by the Mayor's Office of Medellín to carry out a diagnosis on how the families that are part of the Buen Comienzo program read the territory and inhabit the city. This in order to collect information that would serve to conceptualize the 10th version of the Festival, held in September 2018.

Regional readings

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