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Bert Theis (Isola Art Center)

  • Date: November 2015

  • Country: Luxembourg - Italy

  • Topics: public space, community, gentrification.


Lives and works in Milan, Italy. He has been recognized with another group of artists since the 90s, because his works created new possibilities for public space at this time.

He works as an artist, activist and curator. His projects have philosophical, social and political dimensions. Bert Theis is generally associated with major international events such as the Venice Biennale, Manifesta 2 or Sculpture Projects, Münster, most of his creations are intended to be located in the public space of the city.

In the last 14 years he has served as organizer of the Isola Art Center , contextualized in the urban conflict between the inhabitants of the Isola District, the government of Milan and an American multinational. Isola Art Center was founded in 2011, it is an open platform for artists, researchers, activists and inhabitants of this district. The work of this center is closely linked to the neighborhood's struggle in defense of public space and in turn against the district's gentrification dynamics.

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