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Andres Monzón


  • Date of residence: October - November 2015

  • Experimentation topic:   visual reproduction in ceramics of historical reference.


Andrés Monzón is a plastic artist, founding director of Campos de Gutiérrez. As a child he began studying ceramics in Fine Arts in Medellín and finished his BFA at the Rhode Island School of Design in 2009. His artistic practice consists of working with icons, videos, and artisan processes that have been particularly representative of some moments of popular culture. Latin American. As the director of Campos de Gutiérrez, he constantly participates in curatorial projects that allow international artists to reside, work, and exhibit in the city of Medellín. Andrés Monzón has received travel grants from the Prince Claus Fund (2013) and has participated in international exhibitions in the United States, Germany, Japan, Korea, Colombia, and the Netherlands. He currently lives and works in Medellín.

In the Cu BO.X

During his residency within CuBO.X, Andrés Monzón carried out an initial investigation for a work based on a document found in the Campos de Gutiérrez archive: the inheritance or partition of Mrs. Helena Vásquez Barrientos, which appears in a description Detailed information on all the objects and properties that she inherited, including mines, shares and a building that no longer exists on Avenida La Playa in Medellín.

"I am particularly interested in the fact that within this document so much attention is given to the description of real estate as well as to a large number of design, decoration and kitchen objects, that is to say that mines, lots, and houses appear here, but also vessels, plates, vases, and glasses alike. I am very interested in the importance and value that these objects had at that time, and that is why my proposal starts with an investigation that will serve to identify, as far as possible, the origin and appearance of these pieces.

The investigation will also be a search for a visual vocabulary inspired by the time, which will initially materialize in drawings and later inform ceramic pieces that will symbolize a reproduction of the collection of earthenware that Helena Vasquez Barrientos once inherited. Simultaneously with this visual work, I will investigate as much as possible about this character and his relatives, and about the ceramics that existed in Medellín at that time. The final work will be exhibited in Campos de Gutiérrez in mid-November . "

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