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Ana Mejía Macmaster

  • Period of residence: April-May 2013

  • Experimentation topics: images, trips, tours.


Ana Mejía Macmaster, Master in Plastic Arts and Master in Traditional Chinese Painting (mountains and water) from the Central Institute of Fine Arts, Beijing, China.

In the CuBO.X

Ana María's project had as a starting point images of trips, journeys and routes that she will confront in time, experience, perception and projection of the real through mixtures, essays and interventions.

"The CuBo.X experience led to the development of processes already proposed and others that appeared as a consequence of the experiences developed in it. In terms of space, the project stimulates the search and experimentation in the relationships that are created with it, where the evolution of projects or the generation of new ones is encouraged.

In relation to time, the project generates, from the commitment acquired of a certain number of hours that must be dedicated to it, a concentrated work discipline that helps in the processes of reflection, analysis and execution, giving projection to the ideas that arise and leave. consolidating during the process. The allotted time of one month allows "settling in" in the space and opening windows that would require a longer period to be deepened. Being "exposed and in view of ..." encourages more meetings and discussions about the meaning of the processes and questions about it or about the interests raised by the artist to be reflected and addressed in this space and time.

It would be important to generate other mechanisms beyond the presentations that form and stimulate the meetings in an open way, such as a round table and not simply as a presentation that tells or "reports what happened in a period of time." I consider that the “casual” conversations that took place during my experience were more enriching than the presentations themselves in the sense of the problems that were discussed and that they broadened the spectrum beyond the exercise proposed. I believe that the sense of "open study" should be emphasized with greater force to propitiate and promote these dialogues, seeking mechanisms to activate them from the very approach of the project.

It is an enriching experience both for the artist and for those who participate in the development, therefore it is vital to raise more discussions that allow us to deepen not only the matter raised by the artist, but also reflections on the art itself.

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