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Solo Arte

Solo Arte


Solo Arte is an artistic, pedagogical and community project in Necoclí, Antioquia. Fundación Interactuar contacted Casa Tres Patios to advise the team in Solo Arte project to strengthen its residency program for artists. In the course of the consultancies, other organizational needs were identified, such as the development of their strategic plan and their knowledge of the resource management processes and the development of budgets and proposals for entities that can provide support for their programs with the community.

The consultancies were financed by the Comfama compensation fund.


Intensive workshop in Quibdó, Chocó, with 40 young people and adults from neighborhoods stigmatized by crime to promote a culture of peace through reconstruction, reconciliation and resignification using artistic processes. The youth and adults together built messages of reconciliation that they sang and danced through the streets of the city.

1) We carry out recreational activities to recognize ourselves and recognize the territory


2) we re-signify imaginary about who were the good guys and the bad guys (invisible borders)


3) We reconciled through the Carnival of Peace. Which had music and dances alluding to peace


4) The carnival was built with reusable materials. From the instruments to the changing rooms

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