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Wilger Sotelo

  • Date of residence: October - November 2018

* Residence supported by the Ministry of Culture
Residence project

Wilger Sotelo is a Cartagena plastic artist; Currently, he is pursuing a master's degree in Living Arts with the National University of Colombia. His work, exhibited in Colombia, Spain, Argentina and Chile, constitutes a political and social manifesto, which makes visible the artist's concern about issues such as injustice, discrimination, violence, racism and social exclusion. His reflections have been articulated around the coastal city of Cartagena, a widely stratified, colonized and uneven area. To do this, he uses various artistic techniques: from painting and sculpture to prints and photography.

Among his projects, Inventory stands out is a series of 24 photographs that expose the weapons and the stories of perpetrators in Cartagena. The second part of this proposal, Inventory II, uses the plasterboard casting technique to represent these weapons, an exploration to try to reveal the meaning of urban violence.

Wilger's work also highlights his interest in popular language. Projects such as Aguantando cable (carried out collectively with the artist Rafael Ortiz) and Illustrated Version, carried out in Cartagena and Bogotá, respectively, are framed there. These proposals exalt words and street expressions, which, although they are not recognized by the Royal Academy of the Language, represent the identities and social needs in these contexts.


Wilger's concerns about the city, its dynamics of violence and exclusion and its relationship with a colonial past that is still manifesting, bring this artist to be part of the curatorial project Knowledge about power and peace, through an artistic residency of a month in C3P.


His proposal, which arises from the need to generate alternative narratives to those usually approached from art, consists of fostering a series of conversations around the deconstruction of colonial thought. This from the human-animal symbiosis, seen from the perspective of Anthropology and pre-philosophical thought.


To do this, he will delve into the social connotations that take the names of animals such as "rat", "fox", "snake", among others, which the artist considers may be the starting point of a decolonial language. Subsequently, you will experiment with various artistic techniques to objectively represent your research.

Residence socialization


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