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Victor garces


  • Date of residence: April 2013

  • Experimentation theme: Everyday life


Víctor Garcés is a Master in Plastic Arts from the National University. Master in Visual Arts and has a Diploma in Documentary Video Creation. He has had exhibitions at Arte Cámara, ARTBO; Santa Fe Gallery; Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá; Belén Library Park. He works independently as a motion graphics designer for the Mayor of Medellín, the Levis brand, Creatum, VBS, among others.

In the CuBO.X

Everyday life

Victor Garcés is the first artist to inhabit Cu BO.X , starting with the everyday as a reference for exploration:

Initially I took as an excuse this concept (what is everyday for me?) And from this investigation the term coestar arose; the way in which I relate in a certain way with others and they with me .

Garcés assured that the investigative work that he carries out is disclosed today as an offshoot of an immersion work in his own workshop.

" What you are going to find here is an extension of my workshop. What I do privately I am working on at Cu BO.X "

Victor began his process by making mental maps of what everyday life meant to him and compiled photos of his daily commute between his home and the Casa Tres Patios headquarters, located in the Prado Centro neighborhood. Then he took to the Cu BO.X space the things that interested him during this tour.

Later, he bought other objects in the Retail Square that caught his attention, and without a very clear idea of what to do with them, he also transferred them to C3P. From there he began to experiment, trying to draw significant elements present in the various routes he made: the river, glasses thrown in the street, stones and sticks.

Victor wanted to turn these objects into three-dimensional schematics. And parallel to this occurrence, he collected skeletons of dead animals and made lines with balls of different sizes. This exercise had an impact on one of the conversations he held about his process, it was related to play and the games that children play in their everyday life.

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