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Ursula Ochoa

  • Period of residence: April - May 2014

  • Experimentation topics:   "The woman does not exist - read images"



Philosopher and Master of Plastic Arts. She is currently part of the team of columnists for the magazine La Artillería, an art magazine for the city of Medellín and the metropolitan area, and writes as a collaborator in Colombia for the contemporary art magazine Artishock. He has written texts for the magazine Sablazo Crítica Cultural de Bogotá, for the REC X magazine of art and humanities of the students of the Universidad de los Andes, and some texts have been published on the Esferap República platform.

He has published articles in the institutional newspaper PROGRESIVO of the Fundación Universitaria Bellas Artes, participated in the Critics Workshop for the Regional Salon of Artists Central West Zone organized by the MAMM and participated in the publication of the ANTI-OQUIA magazine in 2012. Also has published in the performance magazine PERFORARTE Sentidos en Acción of Mexico among other platforms.

He has a blog "Blog of texts" where he periodically publishes texts and news about what happens in his artistic career and in the current art environment.

Since 2005 he has exhibited his work in group exhibitions in places such as the Museum of the University of Alicante-Spain, the Cultural Center of Hispano-speakers Amsterdam, the Infantado Palace- Spain, the Rafael Uribe Palace of Culture, the Pedro Nel Gómez Museum, the French Alliance. de Medellín-Oliver Debré Gallery, CASAIMAGO Gallery, Medellín Chamber of Commerce headquarters and Bello headquarters, Universidad Del Magdalena, Centro Colombo Americano, Cloister San Ignacio Comfama, among others.

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In the CuBO.X

The woman does not exist - read images

I am interested in carrying out a process of research and creation at CuBO.X based on the controversial phrase: La mujer no existe by James Lacan. The work proposes a reflection on cultural connotations from what is understood as "being a woman" in a largely androcentric society. For this I use Lacan's controversial phrase "Woman does not exist", crossing out the word La (which poses an equally linguistic problem).

The particular interest in the investigation of what this phrase implies, derives from the affinity that I have towards philosophy, towards the interest that arises in my work to explore certain "problems" of language, and precepts of history, these being effectively devices conditioning factors towards social behaviors. Likewise, I investigate how these have specifically deformed the woman's conception of herself as of the role she should play in the world.

In addition to the theoretical support that the process must support (books, documents, web exploration), I will be interested in having the other's gaze, therefore the creative dynamics would be complemented with interviews with people related to the subject, psychoanalysts and historians who can clarify a little to what Lacan meant by this controversial phrase. What is Lacan referring to when he affirms that there is no woman? Is this a negative approach, or has Lacanian thought not been understood from a correct context?

In the same way, the public will be asked an initial question: What is a woman? (the question may also have variations).
For the talks I propose the invitation to an artist who has approached her proposal to research on women in history, an anthropologist, a psychoanalyst or a philosopher (specific names yet to be confirmed), thus broadening the perspectives that I may have regarding the subject, since it is a matter of psychoanalysis and the cultural implications of language from the impact it has on today's society.

Plastically I do not have a specific idea of materiality, this will be determined from the process, the dialogues and other questions that arise along the way, however a language little explored in my work is photography and installation, therefore I would like to use the CuBO.X space to propose something from these languages, without abandoning any other plastic possibility.

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