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Rocio Cardenas

  • Date of residence: October 2017

  • Website / blog: n / t

Residence project
"Mountain and River"





Doctor in Social Sciences and Humanities from the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana UAM Cuajimalpa (2017). He has a master's degree in Arts with an Accentuation in Cultural Diffusion from the Faculty of Visual Arts of the Autonomous University of Nuevo León (2001). He made three short research stays, the first one in the city of Austin Texas, attending the meeting "Illustrating anarchy and revolution" Mexican Legacies of Global Changes, Center for Mexican American Studies (CMAS) in the city of Austin Texas during the month of February of 2014 and two of them in the city of Monterrey (May 2014 and August 2016). During the month of May 2014, he held an archive exhibition in collaboration with the Colombian art critic Daniel Montero which was titled “Moments of Inflection. Openings to Contemporary Art in Monterrey ”at the Pinacoteca de Nuevo León. His lines of research link artistic relationships and practices to political and identity contexts from the generation and reconstruction of archives. The research work that he developed as a thesis project is an investigation on artistic practices and the construction of archives through an approach to the work of three artists from Monterrey: Juan Alberto Pérez Ponce, Juan Caballero and Juan José González. His reflections focus on the environment and the way in which his work and presence traced a series of changes in contemporary art in the city of Monterrey during the eighties and nineties of the last century.

As a curator, she has made more than 300 individual and group exhibitions. As an art critic, she has collaborated in the following magazines Art Nexus, Letras Libres, Velocity Crítica, Armas y Letras and Vida Universitaria (among others).

It has a book published under the title: “Contemporary art revisited in Monterrey. The messages of the present and the past come to us too late ”Directorate of Publications of the UANL, Autonomous University of Nuevo León 2011.


The residency consists of establishing a dialogue between two cities: Monterrey and Medellín. The following project is housed within OCULUS: C3P Cross-disciplinary Alternative Observatory Its objective is to critically observe and reexamine important cultural, urban and social issues in the world. It will reflect on the short history or the microhistory of a city conceived as an individual and / or collective space. From contemporary perspectives and the ways in which the past makes the experience of living in a city like Monterrey and / or Medellín conceive from the present. With their physical distances, their closeness and affections. Documented through an online work that links: log, file and memory.

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