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Roc Domingo

  • Date of residence: September - October 2018

Residence project





Roc Domingo is a Spanish artist graduated as a Senior Technician in Design and Illustration from the School of Municipal Art of Lleida and in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. It is part of the Experimentem amb l'Art center, dedicated to developing artistic and educational projects to generate dialogue and reflection, and foster creativity and a critical spirit.

Roc is mainly interested in artistic creations that transcend the objectual purpose of the plastic work; and for building new views based on connections between shared information and the analysis of its meaning.

The processes of social construction that speak of current problems have had a particular relevance in his conceptual work in recent years. Projects such as Integration Policy (2016-2017) are framed here, which was developed from a phrase by Salvador Seguí: All those who do not believe in the people will fail, because only the people are the ones who make major renovations feasible . This was translated into several languages and was located in 13 conflict areas in the city of Lleida, where the lack of recognition of public space by the city council is denounced, in projects that have directly harmed people who live in the center historical, threatened by gentrification processes.

In his work, approaches to coexistence and the public are also exposed; This is made more explicit in Transit (2017-2018), a proposal that analyzes the ways of relating to strangers on road trips. The figure of the car becomes a space for dialogue and sharing, which will later become the device that is exhibited. Inside there will be documents and records of all those trips that took place there.

Roc is the winner of the Sala D 'Art Jove call for a residency at Casa Tres Patios


During his residency, Roc will conduct research on the diaspora and displacement in the Colombian context. The diaspora, according to the Greek word, is translated as dispersion; commonly, it is associated with the disintegration or exodus of the members of a community who must abandon their land of origin. However, Roc highlights that diaspora not only refers to forced displacements, but also, alluding to botany and biology, the diaspora refers to the parts of plants that are used for reproduction -such as seeds. and spores - while the same action of reproduction that they do. In this sense, Roc applies the term diaspora to speak of social phenomena associated with the expansion, both of ideas and of power.


This residence will give you new views on the displacement related to the territory, capitalism and colonialism.


Getting closer to the processes that take place at Casa Tres Patios and the people who pass by is another of Roc's interests; this as a way to get closer and better understand the local context, to enrich their investigative work.


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