How do the residencies work?

Local, national and international


The multidisciplinary residences of Casa Tres Patios are constituted from the reflective, investigative, self-critical and experimental spirit that characterizes C3P.


The residencies are an exchange of experiences that allow people from Colombia and other countries in the world with different profiles in the areas of knowledge, to link or nurture their projects with those carried out at CasaTresPatios.


During the residencies, participants are invited to expand and share their proposals with the inhabitants and cultural organizations of the city of Medellín, through   talks, workshops, exhibitions or other socialization activities.


Participants: We invite people from Colombia and anywhere in the world involved in various areas of knowledge (art, sociology, architecture, anthropology, philosophy, economics, biology, etc.) who want to explore new topics and processes in their practices, and articulate them with proposals of other people or organizations, in order to broaden the range of questions and answers, ways of solving and possible ways that feed back their creative and investigative processes.


Duration: The minimum time of a residency is one month, and it can be extended up to three months. (Depending on available resources, this period can be extended and can be negotiated with C3P.)


Exchange: People who participate in the Casa Tres Patios Residences have the possibility of exchanging experiences, practices and ideas with local artists, cultural organizations, students and with the community in general, through the Casa, seen as a platform for synergies. .


Development of the practice: the residences provide a pleasant work environment, in which the participants develop their proposals, influenced directly or indirectly by the context of the city, without the pressure of having to deliver a finished work but with the commitment to socialize a serious and dedicated process regarding your proposal.


Process documentation: At Casa Tres Patios we value processes over finished products, because we believe that in trial - error we can find great learning opportunities. This is why we invite residents to document their residency processes. The style of documentation is free, it can be textual, audiovisual or in other formats that interest the resident and we will use this information in future publications.


Discussions: to nurture the exchange of knowledge, encourage discussions and critical thinking, it is proposed that the resident present at Casa Tres Patios during their stay their practice, experience and trajectory to the artistic community, students and the general public. This activity can also be carried out in university classes or cultural events, according to the interests of the resident.


Pedagogical and research activities: it is important for the resident to develop free-form educational activities to share and build knowledge with specific audiences. This activity is coordinated with the interests of the Foundation.


Socialization of creative processes: The residencies can end with the socialization of the creative process. The format is free. In case they are samples, these are held in the C3P exhibition space and we suggest that they last one week. Depending on the number of residents who coincide at the same time, the presentation of the processes can be articulated.

How can you participate in the residencies?

Residency modalities

By direct invitation: R esidences proposed by the Casa Tres Patios work team, which seek to specifically nurture the projects and processes that are being developed at the Foundation.


Sonia Sequeda - Coordinadora 



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