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Paula Úsuga


  • Date of residence: August 2015


  • Experimentation theme: empowerment, art therapy, horses.




"Paula Úsuga was born in Medellín, Colombia, on November 13, 1975. She is a Master in Plastic Arts at the Fundación Universitaria de Bellas Artes, Medellín. Her work began with sculpture, later exploring the possibilities of the body related to object and action, his work focuses on performance and the objectual.Within the training process he has participated in seminars, talks and diplomas on art, artistic practices in context, art-therapy and audiovisual media.

She is interested in the teaching part from ceramic sculpture and belongs to an art workshop in association with other artists, where they generate reflections on independent artistic practices; produces art therapy projects for different foundations. In the public space, she has made performance posing the problem from the relationship with the socio-cultural context associated with gender; He has participated in different exhibitions and artistic events nationwide where his sculpture and performance work has been recognized. At an international level he has participated in festivals and art meetings in different cities of Brazil, Mexico and Spain ".

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In the CuBO.X

"I do not claim that women have power over men, but power over themselves." Simone de Beauvoir.

Background: "Empowered Barbie" project

"When we talk about empowered women we are talking about a new definition on the issue of women's independence, which also includes a revaluation of self-knowledge and a permanent connection with our own inner power that allows us to place ourselves in a place in society .

The empowered woman is the one who fends for herself. He has a firm attitude towards his decisions, he does not allow himself to be influenced in a negative way. He admits his weaknesses but turns them into strengths. The empowered woman feels free in the face of adversity. "

This project starts from the performance "I want to be a Barbie girl," carried out in 2005 at the Centro Colombo Americano and the MAMM (Museum of Modern Art of Medellín).

Under this concept of universal icon, Paula addresses questions about female empowerment; reflections on the role that women assume in the current cultural and social situation. The super BARBIE is that perfect doll that can perform any task and maintain its position in the face of any reality.

"In my personal process as a separated woman in which I have made empowerment decisions, I approach activities that I develop for personal improvement in decision-making. Some of these are the dairy farm, dressage without violence and training in freedom. In these activities, my body is directly related to the horse and it demands clear decisions and leadership positions from me to enter into connection within the sport or training work ".

Paula is an art teacher and develops art therapy processes directly connected to working with horses and in association with El Centro Equestre San Miguel , where she works with children and adults in early stimulation and games with horses that help in fear processes. insecurity and lack of decision.

Art therapy and training in freedom with horses is a process that opens the space to explore, experience and live empowerment processes. Children and adults making decisions in front of the horse, as a means of reading emotions that demand leadership positions in front of him.

"The whole project is outlined, there are no clear or theoretical references, I am in field work from the psychic and corporal experience, since the gesture is important in the work with horses. I have sketches of the image that I want to work from the BARBIE superhero , supported by my ceramic work and other types of techniques that allow me to go to larger spaces ".

"Addressing not only the concept of the BARBIE superhero but the horse as a symbol of empowerment, the horse lives and develops naturally in herd and this resembles our search for a herd. BARBIE empowered on her horse ready to lead her own life "

Thursday of talks

  • Presentation of the artistic trajectory - Thursday, August 6

  • “Barbie empowered on her horse, ready to lead her own life” - Thursday, August 20

  • Relationship of the artistic trajectory with the passage through CuBO.X - Thursday, September 3

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