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We explore connection possibilities with other organizations

Expansive Waves Project

Ondas Expansivas is the constant search that Casa Tres Patios and the Platohedro Cultural Corporation have had since 2014, to work collaboratively, find common ground between their methodologies, projects and activities, and thus achieve greater resonance in the communities of Medellín.

Ripples is sponsored by Arts Collaboratory , an international cooperation platform made up of more than 20 organizations from Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East in which inventive visual artistic practices and committed to social transformation are encouraged.

Arts Collaboratory was founded in 2007 by Stitchting DOEN and Hivos , two Dutch organizations that articulate various initiatives around the world, through public calls that are open throughout the year.

The Platohedro Cultural Corporation is a "creative platform that promotes experimentation through Art, Good Knowledge (open, participatory and collaborative knowledge) and the appropriation of technologies that detonate Free and Shared ideas and proposals to build a society of Good Living" .

Joint activities

Audiovisual documentation of the Cu BO.X - CasaTres Patios,

by Critical Focus - Platohedron

The creative processes of the national residences that are carried out in the Cu BO.X of Casa Tres Patios, are recorded by the members of one of the D-formative components of Platohedro: Critical Focus.


1. When an artist begins his Cu BO.X , he is invited to a meeting with the communications area of C3P and Critical Focus, to discuss the ideas of audiovisual realization that can be given according to the style or theme of exploration that has the resident in mind. Sometimes artists get involved with this audiovisual activity, but in other cases they are more passive.

2. Documentation sessions are organized during the artist's work hours and in the three socialization activities that he develops during his residency. Most of the times, if not all, the members of Focus Critical arrive at C3P by bicycle; they cool off in the hall or in the kitchen; They take a look at what the friends of the Un / loquer hackerspace (located in the Casa Tres Patios parking lot) are doing and turn the recording around.

3. Before starting the last Cu BO.X socialization activity, an interview with the artist is scheduled, based on a series of questions that the C3P communications area takes from the notes it has taken from the process of resident.

4. The airwaves spread: the Foco Critical team edits the audiovisual memories and they upload to the Platohedro and Casa Tres Patios vimeo channel.

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The garden of doubts  

Pilot pedagogical workshop

This pilot was a starting point for pedagogical experimentation, with which the two organizations contributed elements from their own methodologies to build training tools that allowed participants to detonate processes of inquiry about the world they inhabit , through contemporary artistic practices.

The Garden of Doubts was developed in the second semester of 2014, with 30 girls and young people who are enrolled in the San José and Crescer Homes , of the Archdiocese of Medellín.

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