Creative Comunal Laboratories

What does this methodology promote?

Critical thinking, curiosity, collaborative work and creativity .

The LCC are the pedagogical methodology of the Casa Tres Patios Foundation (C3P) whose main objective is to develop awareness of the transformation of oneself and of the environment. This is the basis that allows the methodology to address essential issues in the construction of a society such as human rights, identity, citizenship and peace processes. Theoretical references related to art, pedagogy and social sciences, inspire and strengthen planning, implementation and reflection on structured activities for participants. The intentions, premises and procedures that give life to the Laboratories are based on this work incorporation of diverse practices and disciplines.


To achieve this goal, we develop Laboratories in which participants embark on an adventure of transformation. They begin by manipulating, playing and intervening in various materials. In this process, that of the transformation of the material, the participants know by creating and strengthening respect and self-confidence. Then they recognize their own imaginations and those of the other, valuing the difference and learning to respect what is diverse.


Afterwards, they recognize and explore the environment, describe situations in the neighborhood, in the commune, in their Educational Institutions, in their families, and delve into their own stories while building their critical position. Finally, they start the search for opportunities for change, where the participants, hand in hand with the creatives, formulate actions or projects that arise from their own interests, their fictions, realities and needs. Here all artistic expressions are welcome as strategies of social intervention, here we seek that the participants build in the space of the common by acting methodically.


Projects in which it has been applied

What have we learned and achieved with the Common Creation Labs?

  • Modify hierarchical and individualistic schemes of coexistence, transforming them into horizontal and community perceptions of relationship with others, bearing in mind tolerance, empathy and respect , contributing in turn to strengthening the sense of co-responsibility of the community in the protection of their rights (art. 10 law 1098).


  • Strengthen the self-schemas of the participants, accompanying them in the critical and creative exploration of individual and collective perspectives to see the world with other nuances.


  • Strengthen their capacities as positive leaders within their close circles, where they have expressed their own voice, giving continuity to collective initiatives to solve problems in their communities.


  • Eliminate physical and symbolic boundaries between the participants, the work team and the communities.


  • Develop levels of autonomy of the participants, provided by the guidance of professionals-creatives in their individual transformation processes.




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