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Archival Material


"Archival Material"


Curator: Casa Tres Patios team

The exhibition "Archive material" was part of the seminar "Urgent questions: causes, effects and possibilities of the conflict in Colombia", held from October 10 to 12, 2018 at Casa Tres Patios, a pedagogical space organized by Casa Tres Patios in a effort to understand the historical meaning of the events that have marked the destiny of our society.


Based on photographs, illustrations, publications and videos, the exhibition offers a look at the historical events that have marked the course of our society, from the records, investigations and experiences of the guests who accompanied us to reflect on the knowledge about power and peace:


  • Marta Villa, director of the Region Corporation.

  • Diana Orozco, cook facilitator of food safety processes.

  • Deisy Chavarría, education coordinator of the ETCR of Santa Lucía, Ituango.

  • Camilo Laverde, legal representative and advisor to the ETCR of Santa Lucía.

  • Mauricio Montoya, researcher and coordinator of the book "100 questions and answers to understand the Colombian conflict".

  • James Granada, researcher in community organizations and forced displacement.


"Archive material" counted with the participation of Center Soleil D'afrique, from Mali (Africa), as part of the "Translocal Solidarity" project, a platform to share information on the struggles in different regions of the world and the mechanisms that have been used and they are being used to survive, maintain and build communities within these contexts. This project consists of small and large gestures of solidarity between artists, activists and other involved and interested groups and individuals.


Center Soleil D'afrique is an organization dedicated to providing young artists with the opportunity to improve their knowledge, creative abilities, and deliberate on social and traditional limitations, to promote their artistic and social development nationally and internationally. They are partners of Casa Tres Patios in the Arts Collaboratory, a global ecosystem interested in expanding artistic and curatorial practices oriented to social change.

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