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Manuela Meneses


  • Period: July to November 2018


  • CasaTresPatios area in which he participated: Artistic Practices - Curatorship



Ninth semester student of the Visual Arts degree at the National University of Colombia, Medellín campus. In 2017, he participated in the Cundinamarca Residence at the Museum of Antioquia within the cartography group. There, his personal work began to revolve around social practices and forms of appropriation of space in response to processes of invisibility and gentrification in different spaces in the city center, a topic that he also considered in relation to the current curatorial line of C3P. He was also part of a hotbed of controversy cartographies, which allowed him to approach communities through dialogue. Within her training, she has been interested in artistic processes that involve community and research with them, and I highlight the process as a form of collective construction.


Working at Casa Tres Patios allowed Manuela to get closer to the processes of resident artists, to understand the different moments and changes that projects go through inside the house from constant work and open dialogue with other people. In addition, strengthen your ability to work as a team with people from different areas of knowledge, using assertive communication. On the other hand, he is interested in C3P's intention to share the creative process, thus inviting the public to participate and contribute. This is something that feels close to his thinking, since he considers the creative process as important as a result, not just a way to reach it.

Projects carried out during the internship


Manuela Meneses was in charge of accompanying the residencies of Natali Tubenchlak (artist, Brazil), Martha Lorena Parada (artist, Colombia) and the RYBN collective (artists, Paris). This accompaniment implied a collegial relationship with each one of the artists, an approach to their thoughts and processes, and in turn a systematic and judicious record of them, both in text and in photography. This record was translated into a series of memoirs of each residency that she accompanied, which allowed Manuela to strengthen her analytical, scriptural and editorial skills, fundamental in the exercise of research in the arts. This, in relation to his particular interest in field work and research. Manuela also supported the selection and contact process of artists with extensive experience for the 12th Annual C3P Auction, which strengthened her management skills, equally fundamental in artistic practice. Manuela's personal relationship with the rest of the team was outstanding, her willingness to work in a team is remarkable, as well as her sense of responsibility in accompanying the residents.

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