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Male Strap


  • Residence period: September 2016

  • Experimentation topics: Identity



Male Correa was born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1967. At six months of life, his mother divorces and they move to Medellín.

He studied graphic design at the Bolivarian Pontifical University (1989) and his graduate work is directed by teachers José Antonio Suárez and Ángela María Restrepo. She works as an illustrator and is a professor at various universities. A painting course that he takes with Master Luis Fernando Escobar, changes his life to the point of deciding to dedicate himself to art full time. In 2003 he traveled to Cuba to study with the teacher Antonio Martorell. Since 2002 he has studied engraving at the Estampa Engraving Workshop in Medellín. He is currently studying drawing with Maestro Óscar Jaramillo.

Having a twin sister and having met his former alcoholic father at the age of 23, are events that will mark the work of Male, who investigates in his work on issues such as identity and the basic needs of people.

After the death of his father in 2011, Male takes the memoirs that he wrote as his most recent subject of artistic work.

In the Cu BO.X


She experimented with an aspect like identity, which she says makes her unique as an artist. Male describes that he feels repeated -I am different from everyone, but I have an identical sister. Although this condition has been with me since before I was born, I have never investigated about it. At the same time, I want to go back many years, and experiment with the text as when I attended a poetry workshop and co-edited POESÍA magazine with the writers Luis Fernando Macías, Elkin Restrepo and José Manuel Arango-

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