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Laboratories for 



  • Contribute to the construction of the well-being of the people who live in the Hogar de Paso La Casa del Buen Dios, through the methodology of the Common Creation Laboratories, in two main areas:


Transform the immediate


Participate, take care of yourself and trust. To do this, generate safe, welcoming and inclusive environments, which contribute to the participation and strengthening of skills such as empathy, trust and care (both in a personal and group sense), as well as "knowing each other by creating" as a result of living the creative process based on personal experience.


Transform the near


Understand us. It is about deepening the recognition of one's own and the diverse, exploring imaginations, abilities and personal potentialities to strengthen tools related to self-knowledge, interpersonal relationships and creative thinking.




Period of completion of the laboratories: 10 weeks elapsed between September and November 2016.

Participants: 80 people: 24 boys, girls and adolescents, and 56 young people and adults, summoned from voluntary participation and who added 134 assistances.

Community nodes: the Casa del Buen Dios Main Headquarters and the Casa del Buen Dios Children's Headquarters


Notable Achievements


Construction of empathetic and safe spaces to share in a group actions to strengthen personal well-being, generating reflections, questions and meanings about themselves, as an essential part of the transformation process.


Make art with meaning. Creative expressions that communicate messages for understanding their personal experience and recognition of the relationship between thoughts, feelings and actions, through the creative process, be it corporal, plastic or verbal.


Advance in the construction of identity and affective valuation that each person has towards himself, accepting himself, recognizing the strengths and weaknesses, to strengthen skills related to taking care of himself (body and spirit) and also caring for ones others.


Provocation of the question. encourage questioning and critical thinking towards what is assumed to be paradigms in personal experience and encourage the expansion of the senses about one's own existence, to creatively assume the adversities and challenges of everyday life.

Laboratories for Well-being

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