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Julio Mario Cabarcas

  • Date of residence: October - November 2018

* Residence supported by the Ministry of Culture
Residence project

Julio is a psychologist and specialist in Human Development, with an emphasis on affective processes and creativity. In his therapeutic training he has integrated art as a tool for raising awareness and developing special listening.

Julio is originally from Cúcuta (Norte de Santander). He has lived the last 15 years in Barranquilla (Atlántico), where, since 2007, he has worked with the Fundación Generación Planeta (of which he is the legal representative), an entity dedicated to promoting and strengthening the awakening of consciousness in individuals and communities, with the objective of promoting greater social well-being. It is also the manager of programs such as Green Day, SúperCívicos, knowledge gathering and #CantaTuCausa.

From experiential workshops and social interventions with different audiences, Julio develops themes such as memory and identity, living body, group dynamics, therapeutic approach, stress reduction; ethics, principles and values, among others. To do this, it uses artistic manifestations such as music, contemporary dance, storytelling and theater; as a way of unleashing learning processes that are born from the sensitivity, knowledge, imagination, skills and creativity of the communities.

Observation rally: memory and identity is one of the projects that Julio has carried out with the Fundación Generación Planeta in vulnerable sectors of Barranquilla: Abajo neighborhood, La Paz neighborhood and Barlovento neighborhood. Through experiential activities that invite them to search for clues and questions that speak to their community, children, youth, adults and the elderly are weaving the living memories of their neighborhoods.

In addition, Julio is an actor in the theater group “@”, from the Universidad del Norte, in Barranquilla. She has participated in artistic interventions of contemporary dance such as the play “Con el peso de la muerte” by the Fundación Danza Libre directed by Martha Ligia Gómez. Also, he has developed music therapy courses. In April 2016, one of his stories "The Dreaming Tree" was published by La Cueva editions in the compilation "Cuentos de la Cueva por Colombia" VI edition.


El Rally del Barrio is the proposal that Julio will develop during his residency. These are playful encounters aimed at different audiences that inhabit the Prado neighborhood, to bring them closer to recognizing their context and identifying imaginaries around knowledge about power and peace, the curatorial theme of Casa Tres Patios.


For this he will carry out a rally around the neighborhood, a game in which the participants go through a circuit in search of clues and questions, aimed at strengthening traditional memory. The intention is to recover and compile imaginaries around the home, family, territory, community, social fabric, citizen participation, school, coexistence, democracy, borders, justice and injustice, displacement, peace and conflict.


Likewise, Julio will visit other cultural entities of Prado Centro, in the exploration of a joint work that allows a possible photographic / documentary exhibition that evidences these processes of memory and identity in the neighborhood.

Residence socialization


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