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Juan Fernando Velez


  • Period of residence: May - June 2013

  • Experimentation issues: What is art for?  

In the CuBO.X

What's the utility of arts?

"The origin of the Pachamama Series lies in a change of life, it was an awakening, it was a complete reordering of customs, habits and ways of doing and thinking. During the last three years I have chosen to carry out a methodical thinking work that becomes in art and that is born from the fusion of two areas that constantly feed into each other in the creative process: on the one hand my life story and daily experiences, on the other the handling of theoretical, non-theoretical, artistic and artistic referential information. not artistic.

For the CuBO.X I intend to review the Casa Tres Patios library in search of information that may be of interest to my particular process, also during the time I stay I hope to invite some friends to talk and enjoy the word and reflection . I hope to have a visit from my friend, the anthropologist Giovanni Méndez and my friend Mario Izquierdo, young Mamo and Taita, a man of traditional indigenous Ika (Arhuaco) knowledge, resident in Carmen del Viboral. In the same way, I will make an invitation for Arts students to visit me from the courses that I am in charge of both at the University of Antioquia and at the Fundación Universitaria Bellas Artes ".

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