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Jorge Marin

  • Date of residence: March - April 2015

  • Experimentation theme: landscape and creation methods.


Ciudad Bolívar, Antioquia, Colombia. Lives and works in Medellín. He is a Master in Plastic Arts and a Technician in Graphic Design. He was a member of the Hypertropic research group and monitor of the photography area of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Antioquia from 2009 to 2012. He has participated in various group exhibitions at the national and international level and in various auctions of contemporary Colombian art.

His research-creation process focuses on imposture and institutional criticism, whose contemporary reflection allows for the assumption of problematic interactions between languages and the blurred boundaries between simulacrum and reality, original and copy, fiction and document. In this search, the word is restored to its generative, utopian and parodic capacity, turning it into a tool that complements the image, taking plastic production to an extended or expansive dimension, in which its foundations are maintained, despite the fact that the supports , the inscription, the scale, the materials and the combination with other languages put you in a situation of estrangement or dislocation

In the CuBO.X

Thursday of talks

  • "From the idea, the process, the failure, the ..." - Thursday, March 12.

  • "Landscape + place + space" - Thursday, March 26.

  • "Now I'm dying, but I still have a lot to say" (Beginning of the book Nocturno de Chile, Roberto Bolaño) - Thursday, April 9.

Photographs by Jorge Marín.

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