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Ivo Aichenbaum

  • Date of residence: April - May 2018

Residence project





Ivo Aichenbaum is a visual artist and documentary maker of Argentine origin. His works in photography, video and installation were exhibited in museums and self-managed spaces. As a director, he premiered three feature films under the travel diary format: The automatic part (2012), Head of the mouse (2013) and Formosa (2014). In his films, the personal and the political intersect reflectively to narrate the politicization process of a young man raised in post-dictatorship disenchantment. In these essay exercises, he goes through the ideas of the foundational, revolution and love with perplexity and bewilderment, to gradually recover the possibility of a hopeful generational gaze.

Between 2014 and 2015 he worked as a teacher in courses on the making and history of documentaries, essay films, independent film production and contemporary art, which were given at the Argentine National Library, the National University of Southern Patagonia, the Matienzo Cultural Club and the Centro Cultural LeónLeón. In 2016 he made two chapters of the documentary Al silenciar las Armas, produced by Estrella Audiovisual (Guatemala) broadcast by Telesur. Since then he has been filming in the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and China his documentary project Diario Internacional in which he portrays countries and
regions that experienced revolutionary processes. He currently co-directs the production company Fiørd studio.

In 2017, the Buenos Aires Biennial of Young Art awarded him the prize for the visual arts, which consists of a 2-month residency at Fundación Casa Tres Patios Medellín to investigate and produce the end of the chapter referring to the revolutions of the Caribbean in his project Diario International.


Diario Internacional is a series of documentaries that portray countries and regions that experienced revolutionary processes of a communist and socialist nature during the 20th century. An audiovisual travel diary in which the camera interrogates the history and heritage of the different expressions that the great political project of the 20th century took in Central America, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, China and Russia. Throughout these trips the director collects
human and urban vignettes that formulate a generational view of the challenges and meanings of the left in the present.


The following is a proposal of an artistic-pedagogical nature aimed at the Communal Alternative Revolutionary Forces party in the rural areas of reincorporation. It is framed by the making of the documentary series Diario internacional by director Ivo Aichenbaum. Its objective is to contribute and bear witness to the singularities of ex-combatants in their passage from the armed conflict to democratic politics. It is a co-creation process based on workshops in which audiovisual communication knowledge will be shared and self-portraits will be produced. The purpose of these audiovisual pieces is to present unique life stories, which allow us to understand the different motivations that led to the mobilization, and the present of the reintegration process. The project will take place during April, May and mid-June.


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