How do the multidisciplinary residencies work?

Participants: we invite artists, curators, sociologists, anthropologists, philosophers, biologists and others from Colombia and around the world who are involved in several fields of knowledge and are interested in exploring and interconecting new subjects and practices, in order to generate questions, possible answers and feed creative and research processes.   


Duration: the minimum period of residence is one month, and the maximum is three months. (This period can be extended depending on funding and if arranged in advance with C3P)


Exchange: Casa Tres Patios tries to facilitate exchanges of practices and ideas with local artists, cultural organizations, art students and the community at large. C3P is a platform for creating synergetic relationships that can stimulate new directions for the residents and the local community.


Development of the practice: the goal of the residences is to provide a pleasant working environment in which the residents can develop their proposals without the pressure of having to deliver a completed project or artwork.The Casa Tres Patios team is available to help the residents orient themselves in the city, to understand the local context, establish links with other groups, cultural centers and / or artists, and actively support creative processes.


Public documentation of the processes: we greatly value the processes over the finished works, and we have developed a system for documenting the experiences of the residents. All residents are asked to make use this platform in order to help document their experiences. The documentation format is open and is used as a source for future publications.


Conversations (public discussions): in order to nurture the exchange of knowledge, during each residence the resident will be required to give a public talk or conversation to the artistic community, students and the general public, about his/her artistic practice. This talk is intended to encourage discussion and critical thinking and provides the resident with the opportunity to interact with the local arts and academic community.


Open education and research: as part of the residency, each resident is required to develop an educational activity in order to share their knowledge with the artistic and academic community, and with anyone who is interested. The format of the activity is open and should be explained in the proposal for the residency.


Socialization (public viewing): all residences end with a public presentation of the research process of the resident. The format is open and can take the form of an exhibition, performance or other format that is appropriate for the process of the resident. The viewing process normally takes place in the multi-purpose space in Casa Tres Patios, and can be a shared experience depending on the number of residents and their projects and schedules.

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