Institute for the development of uncertainty

Alternative pedagogies to question, create, share and collaborate

The Institute for the Development of Uncertainty (IPDI) is C3P's pedagogical emphasis program, in which the ways in which society builds knowledge around questions and answers are investigated and questioned.


Contemporary artistic practice becomes tangible in this program, as another way of understanding the production of knowledge. Education, as a learning facilitator process, is not a process of simple transmission of knowledge, as is common to observe in traditional classrooms, but a discursive, attitudinal, reflective, questioning, gestural action, mobilizing thought and emotion, identifying with the do artistic, which makes use of certain means for the production of work, and uses them to elaborate its own conceptual approaches to the realities from which it draws.


Education is then reprocessed, appropriate and resignified by C3P to generate a more humane knowledge of the world and for the common good; less mechanical and that questions economic, political and social models that limit individual and collective potentialities.


Make a sound installation with experimental drawing in-situ or carry out a community mapping to identify some problem and its possible solutions, for example, they are in the same bag of strategies aimed at learning; in both cases factors, situations, feelings, interests, needs, etc. are being discovered and deepened. that were not previously present in the individuals involved in these acts.


The Institute for the Development of Uncertainty resignifies error, experimentation, doubt, question and dialogue, as vital teachers in the construction of knowledge in the different stages of human development, from the position that C3P assumes in front of what artistic practices are.


From its deepest convictions about the transformations of our societies, this program, through the projects and activities it proposes, places itself at the service of individual human capacities, dreams, the collective construction of knowledge, well-being, of fraternal ties, of social hope and ultimately of the harmonious coexistence of each human being with himself and with his surrounding world.





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