Casa Tres Patios (C3P) was founded in the city of Medellín, Colombia in 2006 Initially conceived as an alternative space, laboratory and showroom where local artists could experiment, develop and exhibit the results of those experiments, it quickly became a An important reference point for the unconventional artistic and cultural scene in the city, which at that time suffered from a stagnation in cultural exchanges and the development of non-traditional artistic proposals.


In order to broaden the opportunities for artists to continue increasing their knowledge and expand their creative vision, starting in 2011 the process of linking residencies to a comprehensive pedagogical program began, which would ensure the solid reciprocity of knowledge and experiences among the artists who arrive. and local artists, art students, and the city's public. This development was key to creating a functional structure that articulates all the programs carried out by the Foundation and to act under a coherence that, as part of the identity of C3P, has created by itself an institutional reputation.


Thanks to this recognition that the Foundation had achieved in 2012, the Secretariat of Citizen Culture of Medellín invited C3P to formulate a pilot project to transform the methodological approach of the program of the Visual Arts Network of Medellín (RAV) from a focused program in artistic techniques to a program focused on the development of reflections on citizenship in the participants and thus came the expansion of a new stage: the realization of the pedagogical proposal that is materialized through the Common Creation Laboratories (LCC), which have been carried out to date.

As a result of the experiences lived in the evolution of the pedagogical proposal, its relationship with artistic practices and the critical-constructive approach that characterizes the projects carried out by the Foundation. C3P turned its interests to the study of issues that review and question the functioning of social, economic, environmental, cultural, governmental structures, among others that affect our humanity from the individual to the global level.




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