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C3P and FLORA residence ars + natura

Francisco Cifuentes

  • Date of residence: September - November 2015


"Interested in language and human forms of communication in virtual space Francisco Cifuentes xixkoo implements in his artistic projects all those vicissitudes and alterations that it entails, the emission, transmission, dissemination and massification of data; these are recurring aspects in the thematic elaboration of his work. Concepts such as absurdity, equivocation, error, communicative inconsistency, the impossibility of the message and technical and sociocultural disturbance in the receiver or in the sender are present in his work. The foregoing framed in a precarious technological use of the arts of the new media, media arts or arts with technological means ".

Residence project





"It is a project that seeks to materialize the immaterial of the thought that passes through the virtual space, recreates a space of conversation printed in real time on a local or national theme, which in SNS data analysis is named as what people are speaking or also known as trendy topics.

The phenomenon of virtual presence directly affects the sociocultural and aesthetic theories of our daily lives, evidences the thought of a premature Latin American Homo Digitalis, a virtualized man, inhabitant of cyberculture, of fleeting thought, a multitasking man, identified with an avatar and which is online at all times. Under the needs of the Guttenberg Man, a faithful analogue to the Cartesian ideal and the mechanical universe, a tactile and tangible man.

Understanding this context, the conceptual, ideological, sociological and technological changes are essential to address the work #TantaGenteIntangible ".

* Taken from the document #TantaGenteIntangible presented by Francisco Cifuentes at the call for Joint Residencies - 2015.

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