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Francisco Paredes

  • Date: November 2015

  • Country: Argentina

  • Topics: community networks and management, audiovisual production, politics and public space.


Artist, curator, writer, researcher and audiovisual producer. He is the founder of the artistic initiative La Paternal Espacio Proyecto in Buenos Aires, Argentina and in that capacity he has developed the programs of the initiative including PAPO (Paternal Arte Politica), M! (Useless Movement), SERVE-VERSE (Art Technology), LPR (La Paternal Recycle), Conjugation City (Education and Rights).

In 2009, from questioning about the role of the artist and his relationship with other fields and knowledge, he founded in Buenos Aires "La Paternal Espacio Proyecto (LPEP)" art residence and space for research and production, where the meeting with others artists has made it possible to establish bridges between art and society.

From this artistic endeavor with a community vocation, he began to participate in different networks of self-managed spaces in Argentina and Latin America. To date, La Paternal Espacio Proyecto has received 50 international artists. And through calls, individual and collective exhibitions, they have exhibited more than 200 artists.

Currently Franc Paredes works in the field of art, focusing on art-action, promoting the intersection between disciplines and knowledge with the Useless Movement , for which he develops playful works based on the object, performance and meetings of collective creation.

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