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Culture Broth

  • Date of residence: September - October 2020


About Cultivation Broth

Caldo de Cultivo is a collective made up of Unai Reglero and Gabriela Córdoba. Faced with the totalitarian and totalizing experience of the city as consumption, the group proposes to think of the urban as a necessarily conflictive and contradictory space, as a field of political struggle and poetic creation, as a temporality for the construction of the common, as a place for insurgent creativity and resistance. Thus, knowing themselves as guests (hosts and hosts) of a world that shamelessly vomits misery, silence and conformity, they seek to put into practice an aesthetic and a bacterial policy: ubiquitous microorganisms that act against consensus, and infectious discourses that pervert a destiny that we presented as natural.


Unai Reglero (Madrid, Spain)


He studied Visual Arts and Design at the EADT in Tarragona (Spain). In 2006 he founded the transdisciplinary collective Caldo de Cultivo —based in Bogotá since 2012— which carries out artistic projects in context. He is also co-founder and artistic director of the Künstainer collective (since 2008), dedicated to curating programs that explore the relationships between artistic practices and the territory.


Gabriela Córdova (Bogotá, Colombia)


Gabriela studied Political Science at the Universidad de los Andes, Colombia, later she did a master's degree in communication and media from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. She is the manager and researcher of the Colombian-Spanish Collective Caldo De Cultivo interested in conducting interventions / research exploring the relationships between politics, the arts and the city, crossing the boundaries between social sciences and art.



The residency leads us to think about placing the practice in context, and the context that we have now is an environment that resorts to historical violence in which the ethical State develops; from which emerges a real propensity towards a new organicist conception of the State, towards a determinism that imposes a self-realization reflected in the national realization.

A wave of authoritarianism with fascist overtones is sweeping the world, from Poland to Brazil, from India to the United States, xenophobia, racism and sexism have become state policies. Everything is going to be alt-right seeks to explore our proto-fascist present from the categories of mutualism and parasitism.

This projector is a space to think how the right wing and think about political action from art as a possible agent of change. Think self-organization from a network thinking. Unite the fragmented resistance with a critical look at the organization of the right.

For the residency they will divide it into 3 lines of action:

How the far right uses mutualism and parasitism to organize (readings)

[Week 1] A Brief History of Fascist Lies


[Week 2] Alt-America The Rise of the Radical Right

How to face it (Conversas - Formative Encounter)


[Week 3] Decolonize this place

[Week 3] Alejandro García PhD Student UC Berkeley


Material experiments of the phrase - Prototypes

[Week 2 - 4]

Photos of the Residence
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