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Our work


There is a long history of violence and social injustice in Colombia and Medellín. Despite having a democratic governance structure and having implemented various institutional and educational reforms since the country was established, the power structure and rampant corruption have created a complex situation in which social injustice can proliferate. The level of income disparity in Colombia is one of the highest in the world. The public education system is outdated, underfunded and overcrowded, in many parts of the country access to clean water, medical care and adequate sanitary infrastructure is minimal or non-existent, violence and crime have normalized and the government has not addressing these problems has created a situation in which large sectors of the population have stopped participating in democratic processes and have had to fend for themselves, creating a further deterioration of the social fabric.


Casa Tres Patios (C3P) is a contemporary thought center that promotes social justice through artistic, pedagogical and investigative practices. We address contemporary and urgent issues for the well-being of society by implementing three pillars or initiatives of action; education and life skills are shared in the School of Common Life, in which we stimulate dialogue and critical thinking, forms of community organization and actions to face social problems such as conflicts and peace building, human rights, environment and equality; Occulus, a community-based cultural, urban and social observatory, in which we focus on citizen participation, economic inequality and critical pedagogy; Strategic allies with whom we collaborate to achieve common objectives.


School for Common Living



In 2006, Tony Evanko and Santiago Vélez, founded Casa Tres Patios (C3P) in the city of Medellín, Colombia. Originally conceived as an alternative space, an art laboratory and an exhibition space where local artists could experiment, develop and exhibit the results of those experiments, it quickly became an important reference point for the city's artistic and cultural scene. 



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