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Natalia Gil

  • Residence period: September - November 2019




Natalia Gil is a Plastic Artist and Master in Art History from the University of Antioquia. For six years he has worked as a workshop and teacher of plastic arts focusing mainly on the photographic medium, which he has also approached since creation, research and commercial activity. In the last three years, as a teacher of plastic arts for children and young people in a non-traditional school, he has had the possibility of experimenting with various pedagogical methodologies, giving special importance to the relationship between artistic creation and critical thinking. His personal work reflects, from photography and video, around the house, the various ways in which we inhabit and build this space and relate to its objects, in short, the house as a political space.

In the Cu BO.X


During her residency, and taking as a premise that the personal is also political, Natalia is interested in thinking about and experimenting with other more sustainable models of life and artistic production. In this way, he seeks to approach minimalism to reflect on the effects of this lifestyle in his daily life and, consequently, in his professional practice. He wants to ask himself about the excessive consumption of material goods and its relationship with accumulation, self-employment, the need for larger living spaces and the lack of enjoyment of public spaces, among others. Also, how minimalism and its close relationship with sustainability and circular economies invite us to think about other modes of artistic production that provide some kind of solution to the environmental crisis.

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