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Matilde Guerrero

  • Date of residence: October 2019

About the Artist





Matilde Guerrero (Bogotá, Colombia) is a Master of Fine Arts at the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University. Since 2013 he has been working on collaborative projects, individual and group exhibitions such as

“Solo exhibition, at Valenzuela Klenner Gallery, with installation“ Tierras Prometidas ”, participated in AÚN 44 National Artists Salon and VIII Cali Performance Festival, he has received various awards and scholarships during his career. His plastic work revolves around video, installation, intervention and performance. Matilde starts from the work of her uncomfortable experience of being a Colombian citizen, therefore her concept starts from the commitment to citizenship for modern constructions.



During her residency, Matilde will propose a creation laboratory aimed at the Trans Antioquia Network, for the production of an album with 5 songs sung, composed and written by trans people, a video clip and a concert. This proposal focuses on proposing a creative process to re-signify the tones of voice in trans feminities, a space for the recognition of diverse bodies in the constructions of non-binary identities.

The tone of voice is a trait that is associated with the sex of a person, thus gender identities that do not identify with their sex, are not identified with their tone of voice. Sometimes the voice tends to be distorted to correspond with the image of the body that projects it, in other cases silence is kept to go unnoticed. The proposal focuses on the possibility of resignifying and valuing the different tones of voice within the imaginary of femininity and on the construction of transfeminine identities.

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