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Estefanía García Pineda.

  • Date of residence: July - August 2020


About the Artist

Artist and Curator (Montelíbano, Córdoba 1991) Master in Plastic Arts graduated from the University of Caldas (2016); he has investigated social processes linked to the environment, mining activity and the development of territorial processes; his work has focused, between symbolic relief and aesthetic stakes as identity constructions, through art. He has exhibited his work inside and outside of Colombia

He has carried out or been part of the following Research as an artist:

Marmato and the sinkhole, Gold mines, 2020; Veins of gold, gold extraction in the San Juan river, 2018-2019; Routes of Pollution, Bogotá, 2018; Latitude Cerro Matoso, Mina de Níquel, 2017. Anti-Drug Policy in Post-Conflict Times. 2016

Curatorial Research:

Popayork Artistic residency producer 2016 -2020. Enmigadora, International Intercultural Salon of Indigenous Art Manuel Quintín Lame, 2020.45 National Salon of Artists, based on the mingas carried out with residents and ex-combatants of the FARC process, 2019. Curar la tierra, 2019. Da forca a liberdade 2019. 16 Salon Regional Artists -Pacific Zone- -Minga de Pensamiento De- colonial 2017-2018. They're Killing Us 2018. One Pot Taxonomy 2016 and 2017


Sow the land

The current situation has put into crisis the model of urban life that is detached from the land and in terms of economic capital, it is a time that has made us rethink our model of life as human beings in terms of the role we fulfill on the land.

As an artist and planter, I have received an invitation from the Casa Tres Patios Foundation in Medellín Antioquía to develop a virtual residence, which they propose to treat mutualism and parasitism; echoing the processes that I have accompanied from Cauca with the collective Minga de Pensamiento De-colonial Practices and the wisdom that my colleagues have given me, and people that I have met in this land and in my journey, I propose to do a collective process with companions, who have truly committed processes towards the land and towards the communities they inhabit.

A grain of sand that I hope this is the trigger and becomes a life project, which allows us to give a breath back to this side of the earth.

For the virtual residence in Casa tres patios 2020 on mutualism and parasitism, we will develop collectively, a sowing minga, a community and public urban garden, in a public sector, a part of the Panamericana avenue that passes through Popayán, we will plant medicinal plants, vegetables, fruit trees.

The process will be accompanied by the guide of indigenous taitas and elders, the production will be done by the Minga collective of De-colonial Practices thought.

Sowing the land will have the following cycles each one week long:

Cycle 1 Minga Coordination: Minga Collective of De-colonial Practices Thought

Cycle 2 Contribution of seeds: With a view to using spiritual and food sovereignty

Cycle 3 Minga of sowing: With a view to using spiritual and food sovereignty

Cycle 4 Documentary visibility processes and virtual conversations: Collective process

They support:

Casa Tres Patios, Ministry of Culture Antioquia

Minga Collective of Thought De-colonial Practices Cauca

Popayork Cauca Artistic Residences

Guests cycle 2:

Consuelo Medica Cartama Caldas

Sembradores del Barrio armenia Bogotá DC

José Ismael Manco Parra Artist and Farmer Boyacá

Jose Manuel Muelas Cauca

Peasant Community La Cristalina Corinto Cauca

Autonomous Intercultural Indigenous University UAIIN Cauca

Misak Cauca University

Photos of the Residence
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