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AC Covid-19 Emergency Fund



Support the most disadvantaged artistic community, to address economic needs during the COVID-19 contingency .




A total of € 5,000 was distributed among organizations and individuals.

  • Plazarte Institution with 10 members

  • Collective Unloquer with 5 members

  • 10 Venezuelan Families of the Prado Centro neighborhood

  • Antioquiatrans with 10 members

  • 10 Families of Prado Centro

  • 8 Artists of different

  • Divas with 4 members


Project description


The Arts Collaboratory organization, a network of 24 artistic and social initiatives in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America, decided to provide financial support to individual artists and organizations in each context that suffered financially from the suspension of their activities. Casa Tres Patios Foundation, as part of that organization distributed economic resources of individuals, families and organizations in Medellin.


One organizations response:

AC Covid-19 Emergency Fund

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