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Curator: Antonio Puri  

Art4Barter, is an art exhibition, created by the artist Antonio Puri (India-United States-Bogotá), where it is proposed, the exchange of works of art and artistic skills for a wide variety of goods and services.

This initiative was born in the middle of the financial crisis of 2008 as a consequence of the collapse of the real estate bubble in the United States. As a result, Puri wondered about the intensification of inequality and social imbalances coming from the economic model. Finding as a way to confront these phenomena an ancient practice, barter.

Barter as an action that strengthens interaction networks between those who participate in a transaction, which questions the monetary system and establishes a new scale of value where the priorities, interests and emotions of those who participate prevail. It is a living example of mediation and negotiation seeking the well-being of the parties that participate in it.

There are multiple forms of barter that establish a constant system of exchanges and that can become as complex as any economic system, some examples are: changed hands, direct barter, barter with exchange facilitators, barter on duty, among others.

For Art4Barter 13, the first to be carried out at an international level, the modality to be used will be direct barter, this requires, sincerely wondering about the needs and capacities of each person involved in the transaction and in turn in mutual agreement to achieve that everyone is satisfied .

Antonio Puri has successfully carried out 12 editions of this exhibition in the United States and now for his residence at Casa Tres Patios, he proposes this version that adds to the list of local initiatives that propose a change in the economic paradigm such as El Festival Compartir, Proyecto Trueke, TrueQueart, La Gratiferia, among others

Antonio Puri

Antonio is an artist born in Chandigarh, India, raised in the Himalayas and at age 17 he moved to the United States where he studied Art at the Academy of Art in San Francisco and Coe College Iowa, and studied law at the University of Iowa.

His group and solo exhibitions have been held in various places around the world such as Government Museum and Art gallery Chandigarh, India, Art Depot, Austria, The Guild, NY, Nu Art Gallery in Santa Fe, Twelve Gates, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Art Alliance, and a two person show at the Noyes Museum, NJ, Museum, Austria, Hammond Museum, NY, Queens Museum, NY, Gallery Espace, New Delhi, Edsviks Konsthall, Stockholm, MOP Gallery, Sydney, Musee du Chateau, France, Corcoran Gallery in DC, and Minneapolis Institute of Arts, MN. This month Antonio will be opening a solo show at Sundaram Tagore Gallery in Singapore.


Ana Isabel Díez

Ana Patricia Palacios

Camilo Restrepo

Catalina Rojas

Gabriel Mario Velez

Jorge Lennis

Male Strap

Maribel gordillo

Yohana Parra

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