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Adriana ramirez

  • Date of residence: September-October 2016

Residence project

Adriana Ramirez Bogotana, a Master in Plastic Arts from the Universidad de los Andes and an industrial designer from the Universidad Pontificia Javeriana, participated in the Casa Tres Patios residency program with her proposal SIGUIENTesCENAS. A relational work of art based on the idea of sitting at the table with people who have changed their paradigms of life or who have acquired different perspectives on a topic. In the words of the artist "It is an invitation to search, negotiate and find a way to cook a common menu, the challenge is to open up, expand to silence the voice of the ego, fear and judgment."


From the beginning, Adriana's work has a strong link with the viewer, such is the case of her work Space Drawings (2006), figures of bent wire that formed various shapes like a pig, a shoe that, according to the artist, only denotes a few lines in the space and it is the viewer who finishes shaping the object from his gaze, likewise various works work where she creates platforms with an invitation for the public to add their information.


This series of NEXT DINNERS is fully related to one of the iconic works of relational art Untitled (Free) by Argentine / Thai artist Rirkrit Tiravanija that was created at gallery 303 in New York in 1992. In that work the artist turned the gallery into a kitchen where Thai curry rice was served for free. So the viewer not only observed the work or works but also participated as part of the same work. In the case of NEXT DINNERS the dinner guests also co-create the form and provide a large part of the content of the work. But in this case, Adriana as a Latin American artist, immersed in reflections on the political and social processes of the country, creates situations that invite viewers not only to participate in a formal exercise that would be a simple repetition of Tiravanija's work but also to use the same dynamics to change paradigms, seeking to imply that there are common points among all human beings, points that enable understanding and joint creation.


For the residency at CasaTresPatios, the artist created a moment of decantation and at the same time of expansion of the FOLLOWING DINNERS, a platform where people talk about what it means to change paradigms and how this modifies the way of imagining, dreaming, creating, acting and judging.

The residency was an opportunity to document the evolution of the project, from its beginnings in 1998, to the encounters that have occurred until today. It was a time to investigate and give a theoretical foundation to something that has been built in doing itself; with this residency the artist acquired the tools and criteria to expand it

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