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Accompaniment for Social Projects

Accompaniment for social projects


Based on the findings of completed research in the first line and the community initiatives that emerge in the second line, this third line puts C3P's research tools and creative work experience with the community at the service of already existing social processes. All this in order to better achieve the cultural changes that social initiatives have been creating in their target populations. All this from the possibilities offered by creative work, participatory research and co-creation exercises with the community.


This line is aimed at the private sector, public sector and social organizations that have a social process already underway and that want to strengthen from the creative dimensions and the generation of effective cultural change. In this sense, the following activities are carried out:


  1. A work with the target population where a diagnosis of the phenomenon that the social process wants to manage is generated.

  2. Work with the organization to generate a diagnosis and characterization of the strategies used to achieve the objective of the social process.

  3. From participatory research methodologies, execution of an analysis of the potentialities of the community process to generate social changes.

  4. Construction of a proposal to optimize the social impact of the process in terms of the cultural changes it generates.

Accompaniment for Social Projects

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